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About Bill Danoff:


As he walks out on stage, you may not recognize this quick-witted, energetic performer with the custom-made Ferrington Guitar.  However, when he launches into some of his tunes like "Afternoon Delight", "I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado", "Boulder to Birmingham" (written with Emmylou Harris) and "Take Me Home Country Roads" it suddenly hits you that Bill Danoff has been part of your life since the seventies.  "Hey, didn't this guy used to tour with John Denver in a group called Fat City? . . . or was it the Starland Vocal Band?"  Well, actually, both.  Bill was half of Fat City and the leader of Starland.  Bill's songwriting and performing talents are now being showcased in a new format as a solo act and, lake everything Bill does, it's top-notch.

Bill started writing in college and, upon his graduation from Georgetown University with a degree in Chinese, he took the obvious next step . . . and went into full-time music,  He formed a duo with Taffy Nivert called Fat City.  They co-authored "Take Me Home Country Roads" with Denver while sharing a gig with him in D.C. at the Cellar Door.  After recording the song with Denver, they went on tours with both Denver and the Moody Blues.  During this time, Fat City had quite a following of their own and cut several albums.

Bill Danoff

In 1976, using Fat City as the core, Bill added Jon Carroll and Margot Chapman to form the Starland Vocal Band, which quickly gained national fame with the monster hit, "Afternoon Delight". The band recorded for John Denver's Windsong label.  Starland recorded five albums and toured the major clubs, concert halls, arenas and festivals throughout the United States. Bill's songs, "Afternoon Delight", "Baby, You Look Good To Me Tonight", "Late Nite Radio" and "Friends with You" led to 5 Grammy Nominations, 2 Grammy Awards, (Best New Artist of the Year and Best Arrangement for Voices) 2 ASCAP Awards for Outstanding Country Song and 3 Top 10 country hits. There were numerous television appearances including the Tonight Show, the Merv Griffin Show and their own CBS series, The Starland Vocal Band Show, that among other things, introduced neophyte comedian David Letterman to the public.

In 1990, Bill released his first solo recording for his own Watch Your Head Music Company, SOUVENIR, which contains his new folk classic "Potter's Wheel" also recorded by Denver, Freyda and Acoustic AttaTude and others.

The timelessness of Danoff's songs continues to be proven. "Afternoon Delight" is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and can be heard in hit movies like "Good Will Hunting" and "Boogie Nights" and Bill sang it for classmate President William Clinton at the Class of 1968 25th Reunion at The White House.  Other songs Bill is associated with include "You Look Good to Me Tonight," "Donde Esta Rosa, " "Friends with You," and "Potters Wheel."   He appeared in the film "TIN MEN" (1987) with Richard Dreyfus and Danny DeVito.

"Take Me Home, Country Roads" is the theme of a recent Japanese Anime movie and was honored in 1999 by ASCAP in Nashville as one of the top ten Most Performed Country Songs of the Century.

Bill's outstanding solo acoustic act combines his songwriting skills with his formidable ability to entertain. It's pop, country, rock and roll and folk, all woven together. Bill possesses a remarkable storytelling ability as he recounts tales of how these songs come to be. His deep, rich voice can deliver every emotional nuance of a sensitive ballad and then swing into rock-and -roll raucous. His guitar accompaniment moves from delicate finger picking into percussive slaps and strums as the music demands. His lyrics range from the haunting to the hilarious with songs like the thought- provoking "Potter's Wheel" or the irreverent "You Gotta Love The Irish" which instantly got him banned from the first place he performed it. Bill's shows, like his songs, are sparkling with wit, comprised of exceptional music and definitely should not be missed.

A new solo album was released in 2002, titled "I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado,"  featuring Danoff performing the dozen songs of his recorded by John Denver.  It was produced by fellow Starland Vocal Band member Jon Carroll, who tours frequently with Mary Chapin Carpenter.  Bill is also currently featured in a touring show, "A Tribute to John Denver" along with several longtime friends and musicians who worked with John.



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