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Again, welcome to Bill's Website! 

We are focusing on showcasing Bill's extensive repertoire of songs as well as documenting his phenomenal career in music.  Links for purchasing Bill's CDs are provided.  New features and information will be added periodically.  Please check back often.

Concerts - Bill's Performance Schedule appears below.  Listings

Bill's Performance Schedule:

While these days Bill spends most of his time on music projects and working in the recording studio, he still occasionally sings and it's a treat to catch his performances.  Please consult this schedule to see when and where he's playing next. 


Bill's Schedule of Upcoming Concerts



Event Information





October 15, 2016



Aspen in October

(John Denver Tribute Week)

Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon Band

Bill joins Jim Horn as a special guest performer

320 East Hyman Avenue
Aspen, Colorado 81611
8:00 PM
Tickets:  $65. and $50.


Aspen, CO


or call:


Check back for updates to Bill's Schedule





Article - Country Roads now official state song (of West Virginia) - Metro News - March 7, 2014


Article - Bill Danoff Sings "Country Roads" at Huggins Fish Fry - Posted: Feb 01, 2014


Article - Bill Danoff on how "Country Roads" became a German Oktoberfest hit - Reliable  Source, Washington Post, October 4, 2013


Article - For Grammy-Winning Prof, Country Roads Led to GU (Georgetown University) - The Hoya - April 27, 2012


Article - Bill and Starland Vocal Band are featured in a Washington Post article reflecting back on 35 years since "Afternoon Delight" became a No. 1 hit:  "Starland Vocal Band’s ‘Afternoon Delight’ still being served after 35 years" - July 9, 2011


Article - At 40, "Take Me Home, Country Roads" Still Belongs - an interview with Bill by NPR radio - April 6, 2011


Article - Bill is featured in an article in his hometown paper, the Springfield Republican - July 22, 2009.


Article & Interview - Bill is interviewed by the Georgetown Voice before performing at Georgetown  University - March 13, 2008


Articles - Bill taught Songwriting Course at Georgetown  University in Fall 2007 - The Hoya


Review - Bill performs at GEMA for Georgetown University - October 2006


Article - an interview with Bill, reminiscing about John Denver..


Fun Article from July 2004, about "Afternoon Delight" - The Washington Times


Concert Review of "Music From the Mountains - John Denver Tribute" in Annapolis - The Capitol newspaper


YouTube Clip of Bill, with Starland Vocal Band, singing "Afternoon Delight" at the 1977 Grammy  Awards Show on February 19, 1977 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5axMyJ_-Z8 - (pretty good, actually!)  (They had accepted their "best new artists" Grammy.)


Bill Honored in Aspen with

The John Denver Music and Humanitarianism Award

The Expect A Miracle . . . Now, Foundation has announced that it will be giving the 2007 Annual John Denver Music and Humanitarianism Award to Bill Danoff.  The award will be presented during the John Denver Tribute Concert at the Wheeler Opera House on October 11th by Karmen Dopslaff of the Expect A Miracle . . . Now, Foundation.

Past winners have included: 


     Bill Danoff, Composer of 12 of John's recorded hit songs; performs tribute concerts - 2007

     Erma Deutchendorf, (John Denver's mother) - 2006

     Kenn Roberts, founder of the M.U.S.E. Foundation - 2005

     Hal Thau, John's business manager - 2004

     Tom Crum, John's friend and co-founder of Windstar - 2003

     Kris O'Connor, John's road manager; co-producer of tribute concerts in Aspen - 2002


In bestowing the Award, which honors those who continue to promote and enhance the life achievements of John Denver, the Foundation notes:

Bill formed a duo with Taffy Nivert called Fat City.  They co-authored "Take Me Home Country Roads" with John Denver while sharing a gig with him in D.C. at the Cellar Door.  After recording the song with Denver, they went on TV shows and tours with Denver.  John first recorded Bill's song, I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado, and eventually went on to record a total of 12 songs penned by Bill, including the popular "Friends With You," the last one being "Potter's Wheel."


In January 1998, along with Kenn Robert, Bill Danoff co-produced the first of many John Denver Tribute Concerts.  This one was the first to reunite John's many loyal musicians.  It was called "The Cellar Door Gang Remembers John Denver" and was staged at The Birchmere in Arlington, VA.


A new solo album was released in 2002, titled "I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado,"  featuring Danoff performing the dozen songs of his recorded by John Denver.  Bill continues to share his music with John's fans worldwide in tribute concerts to John.  Bill is friendly and easy to know, and in his warm open way, he'll share with everyone his wonderful stories about how his and John's lives intersected to enable John to achieve his fame and success and enrich both of their lives


Expect A Miracle . . . Now, Foundation donates the award and $10,000 annually to benefit Challenge Aspen.  The award is bestowed in the name of the honoree and John Denver at the annual tribute concert in Aspen's Wheeler Opera House.  This donation enables more than 40 special-needs children to attend a full week of camp each year.  Many of the participants' lives are changed forever.  Through this award, John's spirit continues to live on and inspire others.


To date, the Foundation has given $50,000 to benefit children.



Newly-discovered Photo of Bill and Taffy with John Denver:


Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert with John Denver at the West Virginia University

September 6, 1980

(Want to take bets on what song they were singing?  Yes, and it's still played at every game.)


Special Posting:


Starland Vocal Band featured on TV Show:


REUNITED: Starland Vocal Band

Bill Danoff, Jon Carroll, Taffy Danoff, and Margot Chapman on TV Show

"My Music:  The 70's Experience"

Saturday, August 4, 2007

9:00 p.m.

On WETA - Channel 26 in the Washington, DC Area 

(Other areas, check local listings)







Eulogy for Danny Pendleton 

Delivered by Bill Danoff on February 28, 2007

St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Davidsonville MD


New Projects:

"Take Me Home, Country Roads" - Children's Book

Released August 2005



See website page about book:

Dawn Publications


See a short slide show with music:

Slide Show

Take Me Home, Country Roads
John Denver • Illustrated by Christopher Canyon
Illustrator Christopher Canyon brilliantly adapts John Denver's famous song for children of all ages. By car, by pickup, and by motorcycle, a family goes up, down and around the hills of West Virginia, heading for a family reunion at Grandma and Grandpa's country home! It's all about country, it's all about music, and it's all about family. The hardback edition comes with a CD of John Denver singing his timeless classic. (This is the third title in Dawn Publications' John Denver & Kids Book Series.)

CR-P • Paper • Retail Price: $8.95 • Sales Price: $8.05 • ISBN 1-58469-073-9
CR-CD • Cloth • Retail Price: $19.95 • Sales Price: $17.95 • ISBN 1-58469-072-0
Ages 2 to adult - 32 pages - fully illustrated - 9.5" x 10.75"

When I started going down that country road many years ago I had no idea where it would lead. The thought became a song and the song happily traveled the world in many cultures and languages. It's found itself in outer space and at the bottom of the sea.

Now for a new world of children it's brought to life through the captivating imagination of Christopher Canyon and his colorful patchwork quilt inspired illustrations. Like most of the fun books I've ever looked at with kids, the pages are full of interesting things to find. Every turn of page reveals new characters and objects to make up side stories about while we follow various folks and critters "home" to a family reunion. It's vibrant and happy and sure to be requested by the young ones over and over. I can't wait to read it to a kid."

Bill Danoff - Co-songwriter with John Denver of
"Take Me Home, Country Roads"

Starland Vocal Band - CD

1976 and REISSUED on CD - July 2004


See website page about

Starland Vocal Band


Starland Vocal Band's First and Best-Selling Album was just released on CD. 

It is available in the usual music stores or through Amazon.com


1.   Boulder to Birmingham   (Bill Danoff / Emmylou Harris)

2.   Baby, You Look Good to Me Tonight   (Bill Danoff)

3.   American Tune   (Paul Simon)

4.   Starland   (Bill Danoff)

5.   California Day   (Bill Danoff)

6.   War Surplus Baby   (Jon Carroll / Bill Danoff)

7.   Starting All Over Again   (Bill Danoff)

8.   Afternoon Delight   (Bill Danoff)

9.   Hail! Hail! Rock & Roll   (Bill Danoff / Taffy Nivert Danoff)

10.  Ain't It the Fall   (Bill Danoff)


 Anchorman - The Movie

Released July 2004


QUESTION:  What do Bill Danoff and the new movie "Anchorman" (starring Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate) have in common?

ANSWER:  Bill's Grammy-winning song "Afternoon Delight" is featured in the movie and sung by Will.

See video clip of Will Ferrell singing

"Afternoon Delight"

ARTICLE and INTERVIEW with BILL - about "Afternoon Delight" and the movie  - The Washington Times, July 2004






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